The 16-minute biography below was produced by Marshall Frech and shown at the Natural Hazards Conference (CU Boulder 2007) after Gilbert White's passing. Please note the story of the White family's gift of land to Boulder County along the very popular Anne U. White trail. That gift helped prevent development of this pristine canyon. This trail and many homes just downstream of the trailhead were devastated by the Sept. 2013 storm event. Several homes are now being purchased and removed by FEMA and Boulder County. There is now an opportunity to revitalize the area. The 2013 storm event devastated thousands along the Front Range and remains a very vital, teachable moment. More can and should be done to remind Boulder County and Front Range residents about flood risk and preparation for these inevitable events. There is an opportunity for education and intepretation at this very trailhead that can bring us closer to nature, closer to resilience. Gilbert and Anne White's legacy deserves no less.



Gilbert and Anne White in Egypt, 1977
studying the impacts of the Aswan Dam.


This project is supported by the creative team for the flood marker on Boulder Creek, just below the Broadway bridge. That marker is beautiful and has been very well received by the community. An installation at the Anne U. White trailhead could be augmented with more interpretive space and information on flood risk and could be built (in part) with the remains from some of the homes being removed.

See the Boulder Creek Flood Marker here: